1 June 2021

The Story of "how a red fox has camouflaged for security"

Today we would like to officially present the new logo of Smart Revolution Security and tell the story of how, and why, a red fox has camouflaged in a garment more adapted to the sector.

The new colour of our Security fox, which is grey, has been chosen to pay homage to one of the key concepts in the security field, which is to be able to go unnoticed, to not attract attention, to understand how to best adapt to the environment.

We have chosen to include the fox inside a shield, since security training provides protection by better equipping personnel for working in high-risk countries. In addition, the lines under the word Security recall the world of the Armed Forces, whose personnel is fundamental for us to implement such specialized training courses.

Finally, the external colours of the shield, red and black, recall not only the colours of our main company Smart Revolution, in addition to a very strong personal taste on the matter, but Jeff Cooper’s Colour Code on Security Awareness. The red level, but also the additional black level according to some experts, represent the READY TO FIGHT and IN THE FIGHT modalities in relation to an imminent threat or a dangerous situation already happening. Our goal is for our training participants to not reach any of these levels in real life, through an effective work on SITUATIONAL and THREAT AWARENESS, which are the levels associated with the colour yellow and orange that we tackle the most during our security trainings.

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