The urban and off-road driving packages aim at training participants on driving techniques in different types of terrain and challenging security situations.
Level: high intensity.
Environment: high-risk and medium risk (urban and off-road).
Language: English or Italian.
Duration: 1 day for each training package.
Location: Outdoor training facilities (Emilia Romagna region).
Target: personnel from the private sector, NGOs, journalists, academia, International Organisations and European Institutions.
Pre-condition for participation: as indicated in the related security training package
Precautionary measures: as indicated in the related security training package and tailored to the type of driving package chosen.
Methodology: Participants practice and rehearse different types of scenario-based driving exercises and techniques, individually and in team, and strengthen their driving safety and security awareness through a process of experiential learning, self-reflection and coaching.
Content: the driving packages are designed to enhance participants’ driving safety and enable them to prevent and deal more effectively with risks, challenging situations and security incidents while driving in urban or rural environments in high risk and middle risk countries.




Urban - Correct driving setting and driving on the track


Urban - Miniskid car, Slide Machine & GT Track


Urban - Emergency braking with avoidance of sudden obstacle


Urban - How to avoid an attempt of intrusion while driving in a Convoy


Urban - Driving techniques in case of car chase



Off-road - 4x4 vehicle features and off-road drive safety rules


Off-road - Use of different gear level and differential lock


Off-road - Driving on different types of incline and terrain


Off-road - Crossing obstacles

The training package includes: 

Lunch at training facilities
Use of specific vehicles for urban or off-road driving sessions
Sessions delivered by highly qualified driving instructors
1-day training for each package implemented at the Autodrome in Varano de’ Melegari (urban package) or former air force base Carona (off-road package)
Individual coached feedback
Course material and additional readings
Use of sanitized Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) during the training
Certificate of attendance

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