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The international team is deployed to Allia, the capital of the Republic of Calvarinia, and needs to conduct a mission in the north unstable region of Kamasia. The country is approaching elections and is divided between modernity and traditionalism. Torn by the civil war and with a history of instability, corruption and a divide in wills as a nation, Calvarinia is looking towards a better future, but many conflicting interests are at stake. 

The International News service decided to send Reporter Jakob Hlasek to the Republic of Calvarinia to explore the general attitude of the government and people ahead of an upcoming election. What was initially a simple assignment, became an investigation as an undercurrent of civil tension rose to the surface. What occurred was a series of interviews recorded and played on the International News podcast that exposed the truth and attitudes of a country that harbours the raw sensitivities of the past versus the vision of a government that is looking to modernise a future.


In the first podcast episode Jakob focuses on the history of the Republic of Calvarinia and specifically on the former Roncaria state.


In the second episode Jakob travels towards the north of the country to reach the Kamasia region and manages to interview Miss Ashiki Tahan, Foreign Minister of the Calvarinian government.


In the third episode Jakob provides an overview of the key players in the story. As elections are approaching, the stakes are high and each of the players is able to influence the course of direction and the overall future of the new Republic, be it towards modernization or traditionalism.


In the fourth episode Jakob has an interview with Chief Alloh, the eldest of the indigenous population of the Ares people. They reside on sacred land in the region of Kamasia and more specifically in the Vanaresnak hill, in which the current international presence is disturbing the peacefulness of the land.


In the fifth episode Jakob, while in Kamasia, meets Mr Farub Buraf, the current President of the interim government of the RoC. Mr Buraf, still head of the Roncarian party, is well known for his conservative view on society and for the many years associated to the country’s darkest period. 


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