4 July 2023

Personnel employed in hostile territories: procedures for risk assessment and management

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On Monday 3 July 2023, the seminar 'Personnel employed in hostile territories: procedures for risk assessment and management' was held at the conference hall of the Parma Union of Industrialists

The seminar had the aim to inform and train employers and RSPPs of companies that, for their activities, send workers to territories considered to be at risk. The seminar was organised by Cisita Parma in collaboration with Smart Revolution Security and Fondazione Aldini Valeriani (FAV) and with the patronage of AIPSA Associazione Italiana Professionisti Security Aziendale

The programme dealt with numerous topics, in particular: the protection of Italian workers abroad in the light of the relevant criminal case law; how to develop staff security awareness and set up a solid Travel Risk Management (TRM) system; the safe management of threats and risks in high- and medium-risk countries: lived experiences and practical advice.

After initial greetings by Prof. Cesare Azzali - Director of the Unione Parmense degli Industriali, speakers included: Dr. Chiara Felli - Crisis Unit Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Lawyer Mario Bonati; Marco Livio Nasponi - AIPSA and Security Manager Technogym spa; Dr. Rossella Altamura - Director Smart Revolution Security (SRS); Dr. Davide Campisi - SRS Instructor, former Armed Forces; and Dr. Enrica Bonzani - Fondazione Aldini Valeriani.

Travel risk management is an increasingly important issue at national and international level, also in light of the complex and unstable scenarios faced by those who have to travel. It is important to provide clarity and effective answers to companies, so that employers know how to prepare and manage their staff to operate safely even in the most complex scenarios. 

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