4 May 2022

ISO 31030 on Travel Risk Management

Info Cooperazione last November has published on its website our article on ISO 31030 on Travel Risk Management (TRM), which provides a new advanced set of Guidelines for Organisations/Companies. In the article we analyse what is new for Organisations/Companies, the Duty of Care, what needs to be implemented and the benefits coming from the adoption of ISO 31030.

Our article for Info Cooperazione

ISO 31030 on Travel Risk Management (TRM) has been published in September 2021 after a three-year drafting process. It provides a set of guidelines for organisations/companies/institutions in relation to work-related travels. The aim is to promote a culture where travel-related risk is taken seriously, resourced adequately, and managed effectively and where the benefits to the organisation are recognized.

The full article is available in Italian on Info Cooperazione website.

Detailed info on ISO 31030 and our services are available in the section on Consultancy on Travel Risk Management (TRM).

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