21 July 2023

HEAT trainings in Jordan – EU staff

Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT), Jordan

In July 2023 our mobile training team of instructors has delivered two Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) in Jordan at King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Center (KASOTC). The trainings have been delivered in the framework of two tenders that Smart Revolution Security was awarded, both lasting 4 years (2023 – 2027), targeting EU staff. 

The first training has been delivered for the Directorate-General for European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (DG ECHO) staff of the European Commission, MENA region, while the second has been delivered for the European Union Delegation to Jordan, Yemen, and neighboring countries.   

It has been a great opportunity for our team to operate in such operational environment with endless possibilities to create realistic simulations within an immersive scenario. 

For a young company operating in the field of travel security for high-risk countries the awarding of these prestigious tenders represents a significant acknowledgement of the professionalism, endless dedication, and commitment of our security team, and we have welcomed these results with great satisfaction. 

We look forward to going back to Jordan for the next trainings and to the new projects and challenges ahead of us, strongly convinced that all staff should be properly prepared to work safely in hostile environments and committed to raise awareness on the importance of travel risk management (TRM) and security trainings.   

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